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LED Video Processor VM3

VM3 is a ultra HD multi-screen splicing processor via Listen Vision, having 3Umainframe box, 11 slot that support max 9 input controllers, and max 5output controllers.Input card can be configured into DVIx4、HDMI(1.3)x4、HDMI(1.4)x2、HDMI(2.0)+DP(1.2)、VGAx4、CVBSx4、Ypbprx4、SDIx4、IPx2 or HDbaseTx4, and output card can be DVIx4、HDMI(1.3)x4 or HDMI(1.4)x2 to receive signals like HDMI/DVI/VGA/Ypbpr/Cvbs. It supports super resolution such as Displayport1.1\1.2、Duallink DVI、HDMI 1.4/2.0, and support 4K output card. It also support 4K multi-screen splicing, customized resolution and flexible window moving and windows zooming, etc.